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Nurture your Awe

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A little girl was riding on a train with her mother.

Looking out the window, she exclaimed, "Look! A horse!" And a moment

later, "Look! Houses!"

She gave every indication of keeping this up, so her embarrassed

mother apologized to the man next to her. "I'm sorry my daughter is

going on like this," she said. "She still thinks everything is


When do we stop thinking everything is wonderful? When we grow up?

Does growing older also mean growing jaded?

And must we travel to faraway places to marvel once again? Can't we

experience wonder and awe today -- this moment?

A fresh orange or buttered toast is no less marvelous today than when

you first tasted it. The building you work in may be an architectural

miracle the ancients never fathomed. The smell of your summer garden

or the sight of this evening's sunset can be no less glorious today

than it ever was. Few things are commonplace in themselves -- it's our

reaction to them that grows dull over the years.

As Einstein observed, those who will pause to wonder and stand

rapt in awe will truly live. They will see what others miss. They will

feel what others cannot. Life will be for them both exquisite and

mysterious when they learn to say, "Awe."

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Wow - how quickly we forget about this in the humdrum of our daily lives.

Thanks for the reminder. This is a beautiful and meaningful post.

It is so easy for us to forget to have something to be passionate about. To live with passion. But real, all-consuming passion. Then we live, then we truely live. You can feel a bit of this if you hang around somebody else who lives life properly. You can feel the zing, the excitement - you can feel the AWE.

Thanks again, Lark.


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I needed to read this, and I really dont know if getting older is all of it, I think that if you have been through so much crap in your life, and it all combines, thats how I feel, and I think going to Georgia is the best place, but living here is something I dont want to do anymore.

Such a true and beautiful post Lark. Thanks for sharing this with us, it makes me feel good to read this, because I have forgot to just stand and look in awe, instead of passing it by, even something you see everyday.


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That's one of the reasons babies are so wonderful. We get to experience that first time awe and wonder in simple things again through their eyes.

Good post, Lark. As always, thanks for sharing these pearls with us.

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This is so true.

I was recently (2.5 years ago) blest with my first grandchild --a beautiful grandaughter called EVE.

I love her to bits and love spending as much time with her as possible.

Her view of the world and people is totally fresh and unadulerated.

Unfotunately she lives in the very northern part of Co. Donegal were the

atmosphere is clean, the views breathtaking, and the pace of life is slower.

Walk with a child on a beach and among the rock pools and watch the wonderment at what they find.

Since my amputation in March of this year I have been over there twice, both times on my own --- but with the help of my motobility car --- the need to see her has been so compelling.

You can't feel depressed or sorry for yourself in the face

of such joy the little ones find in everthing they do and see.

I miss her so much --- but she is coming to her grandpa's very shortly

I can't wait


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