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On being a Prosthetist (CP at that)

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After several years of tinkering about careers, including my college years, I just arrived at this decision (at the turn of the year) where I am already giving some serious thought in becoming a Certified Prosthetist (CP) or one who makes prostheses (and orthoses).

Thing of the matter is, I have some concerns:

1. Age should be catching up with me (I'm 26 going 27 on March, and I'm thinking that studying to be a prosthetist/CP is like studying another career in college in which the onset of college is like 17 here in our country and 19 in the US) Do you think it's ok for me at 26 to take up that? (will reflect on some social stigma here in a third World country such as ours)

2. The cost of studying to be one. I bet no institution here in the Philippines is offering a course for CPs. Except for technicians who work on prostheses here, I don't think there's a course for such formal learning on the tricks of the CP trade.

3. In connection with (2), I'm looking at scholarships but I can harldy find one. I have no problems with being away from home, but the cost of living will catch up on me, myself with some limited resources.

Insights from prosthetists who are registered members of this forum and simply anyone as well on this subject are highly appreciated.

Maraming salamat po!

-- rey

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Hi, I personally think it's never too late.

I was 38 when I returned to school to become a massage therapist.


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Hi Rey,

You are not too old! I'm contemplating a going back to school in my 40's. I was going to wait until I was 54 but then thought WHY??!!

The world needs great CPs so Where there's a will, there's a way.



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Thanks for boosting my spirit! Next step: looking for which good institution/s that offer that course, and if possible would there be grants or financial aid that would be offered so I could proceed.

As much as possible, lemme find good institutions that are near my country.

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Hi Global,

You could check out the NCPO (National Centre for Prosthetic & Orthotics-Melbourne Australia) I believe that they offer scholarships and do some overseas training in Vietnam & Korea.

Good luck


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