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'ello campers :)

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Good i really hope. Just a quick few lines from me cos i like to pop my nose in now n again to make sure you're all behaving and doing good ;)

Hope you are all having a great New Year so far ppl-I am (touch wood). Have just started a WAY cool little job on an eventing yard-yep thts working with horses which some of you probs know i totally luv and hopefully get some great training from an event rider while im about it :D:D:D

No news (which in my case is good news) on the leg front for me tho I hope it doesnt play up too much now im working in the new job so fingers crossed and i hope you all are also doing good at whatever age or stage of bein an amputee you may be :)

If you need cheerin up or just wanna waffle about the price of fish and horses, horses and MORE horses lol anybody feel free to drop me a line or add me onto your msn-always happy to chat with new peeps and say hi again to those of you i already know too :)

Take care 1 and all for now-I'll be back :D x x

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Ello Cazzy :)

How's that bright red hair going? Faded a bit yet? :lol:


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Good to hear from you and congrats on the job. You sound positively elated!

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