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Fireman Si

Back to Work!!!!!

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Hi Si this is Nige.

Not only did you look great on Inside out and Richard n Judy but also in the flesh when we met up a few weeks back , you look ace .

Im priviliged to know Si for real and he is an inspiration and a great bloke.

Hope Annie is well and enjoying the pregnancy .

Stay in touch bud.

Did Mel enjoy is name being mentioned at the end of your interview ?lol.

P.S Tonight is my first time back to the gym im just sat waiting now for my lift i can't wait im raring to go.

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Hi everyone - thank you for the lovely posts about Si.

He is such a modest guy- but we are all immensely proud of him for what he has achieved. He can throw me over his shoulder & run out of a burning building any day !!!

And yes...he's gonna be a daddy too- after what was a very difficult 19 months with Si's amputation & return to work- looks like 2006 is our year. He's back at work fighting fires and our little one joins us in July/Aug 06- a brother or sister for Max who is still Si's number one fan

.... annie x

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