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Need Information

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Hi everyone,

I realy wan to find a good site for crutch accessorie. I ma dtying to find Shearling(white) underarm crutch pads and hand grips.

Any suggestions??


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I found this site. I hope that it is helpful for you. The first siteis out of Canada but I think this is what you might be looking for:


Also maybe this site as well: second item down


I know you said white but i'm not sure if they consider this to be white in color.

Be Well


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Good morning Unique,

May I suggest that you pick-up a pair of the forearm crutches, I had to change to them a long time ago. they really work better than the full length ones, Remember this is only a suggestion. I picked mine up at the disable american veterans store for $10. I hope you find what you are looking for. They are also called polio crutches. Jerry

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