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having a bath

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Don't forget the grab bars. I custom built my wife's bathroom. She wanted to keep the original claw foot tub, so I boxed it in and tiled it all around to match the custom tile shower I also built in the room. She has two perfectly good legs, but there are grab bars all around in the shower, and on the side and front of the tub.

I don't care how many legs one has, a bathroom is a slippery place.

In my shower, which I also built, I have grab bars on all three walls, and in the door entrance. I built it with the toilet right in front, so that all I have to do is to kneel on the lid, step into the shower, and kneel on the stool, while holding onto the bars. (I built the shower 4 ft. wide and 2.5 foot deep so there is plenty of room for the stool.) I feel more secure than most people with two legs. I use the stool only to kneel on or to sit on while I wash the one foot.

When I'm traveling, or just want a quick rinse at home, I wear my leg. My wife's shower isn't set up with the toilet in front, or room for a stool like mine, so I would have to wear my leg in there.

I have sent away for a portable grab bar that will temporarily attach to any shower. It was reccomended to me by a customer. If it works as well as they say, I will be passing the information along. It would be great to have while traveling.

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