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Great post Muz.

Another two persons (and a celebrety cat) suffer at the hands of car drivers.

Many on this forum have similaly suffered. In my case the "lady" received a fine of £120 and £43 costs

.for an accident in which she was 100% to blame, and emerged totally unhurt.

When is the punishment going to reflect the crime????

In the case above, the world has lost a couple of possible eccentric characters, that brighten up

the world around them and have the guts to be different.



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It sounds like you are in the same situation as me right now. After colliding head on with a woman in a Volvo who apparently couldn't see 1,000 pounds of man and machine coming toward her I've lost interest in riding on the road for a while.

What's frustrating is that she has probably swirved to avoid squirrels several times in the past. Now I'm sounding bitter.

I have another problem in that my wife would probably leave me if she even knew that I was reading posts about motorcycles or at the very least toss my laptop in the toilet.

That having been said, my favorite bike of all time was my Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. It wouldn't get very far on a tank of gas, but it would sure get me there fast.

When I got in the big accident I was riding my brand new Yamaha V-star 1100, Silverado package, which had just come out of the shop after another accident two months prior which had gotten me 35 stitches and cost $3500 for the bike repairs. Ironic.

Weird thing is, even though right now I''m scared to get back on a bike, I sure miss it.


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Hiyyya Mikke , I thinkkk your beiing rididn ng the CBRXX Blackbird yes ?

if youu are beioing riding thatt bike ( whiich iii waay love by thtree way ) youu cannn beinngtryiingndiffeeent tiree togettingnbeetter milagge fromm themm . Onn my 1998 Pan europeann , I amuseinng theh Bridgestone Exedraas tiree fron tth and rear andn I cann easliity gettinngn abouut 20,000 off fromm them annd theyy are reallyy awsoemm inn thhee riann too . I also trieed theh Meztlleer MEZ4( if I amm beii ng emmebebringn righttly ) buut thhe millagge was noot as good butt theyy are really good fooroo twiowstted rorads toaly . alos , your susppnssionnn settiingn will maiikngn agreatt hellpiiing too . alos , theh big msotakk thatt alsooomost vevst every onne makiingnis that theyy miss msatchh thier fronn the rearr tires wwhiichh wil reallyyh makke theh handlingnreallyy really bad .

Myy momm an dd ad havvingn a Gooldwing foro eachh ofo themm annd i nwa salaos riddingnthat sometimes annd theyy are aablle too getttiingnn realyy goodo milaggeg frommthier tiitrres too .

I was noto inuured onn a amotrcycle but I am justt beingn harrdlyy waittingnto beii nggettingnn back monn mine aagin . I ddied rididnngn a very7 short diisstance a whille agoo withh my pros but i wiliignhavvingnto makignn sosmem kods on my biiikks for morer better ridingnn . I cann doiignn mosttest of thhe workk mysellf too so I wiliin gknowiingn how to ddoinng nwhatt I wnatting to ddoign too theh bikes .

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Hi Marianne

Wow you sure know your way round motorcycles. If you are riding a Pan and a Wing then I'm seriously impressed.

You are right I ride the CBR1100XX Blackbird. Because I ride very hard and fast I'm very particular about the tyres (tires) I use.

As you know, mileage is a trade off with grip, therefore, because of the type of riding I do, I choose softer rubber with good grip at the expense of mileage.

The tyres I use allow me to explore serious lean angles whilst maintaining excellent grip right to the edge of the tyre (no chicken strips here :lol: )

So I'm happy to accept 2500 to 3000 miles knowing I have masses of grip and some in reserve.

Getting back on the bike as an amp hasn't slowed me down one bit either, the only thing I have to do is reach down sometimes with my left hand and pull my leg into position on the footrest. After that it's like I've never been away.

Hope you get back out there too Marianne because there is no other feeling like it. Well there is but thats another story for another day :rolleyes: :lol:

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...or at the very least toss my laptop in the toilet.

That doesn't sound too bad a punishment :o ;)

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still trying to attach a pic of my trike , anyone know when we'll be able to ??

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