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Friction Sores/Hard Skin/Corns?

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Hi Ann,

Getting the tegaderm to stay in place can be a bit tricky <_< I have always found if I “pull “the flesh to make it tighter then stick it on, it seems to be ok, then I roll the iceross seal in liner on very carefully, and that’s it, but the first few times I tried it did turn into a gooey mess, likewise when I have tried other stuff they have all failed , :rolleyes: but like I posted this is a quick fix to get you through the day(not a cure). & more importantly it stops the soreness/friction almost straight away & prevents it from getting worse…………………….take care Mick

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Mick... you guys can get allevyn and tegaderm "over any chemist counter"? Makes it sound downright commonplace! There are exactly TWO pharmacies in my vicinity that carry either one, and they dole them out (and price them!) as though they were solid gold! That's exactly the combination I wear on "sore spots," though, and it does work like a charm.

Ann, one of the "make the tegaderm stick" tips that works for me is to make sure my stump is absolutely dry when I put it on. if I've been told to use an ointment with it, I make sure it's ONLY on the actual sore spot and that's it's totally covered by the allevyn before sticking on the tegaderm. I'll put the entire dressing on before using any lotions or creams on the rest of my stump... and I'll use those sparingly. I've only had the "sticky mess" happen once... and once was enough!

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I use a product called Duoderm Ultra-thin that helps protect open sores but doesn't seem to have the problems that tegaderm does. It comes in 4x4 inch sheets that I cut into strips about the size of a band-aid and it'll stay on for a couple of days before it becomes a sticky mess.

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i'll keep an eye out for that, sounds like a good one x

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I havnt read all of the replies to this topic so apologies if i'm repeating anyone, I use a product called "OpSite spray" its really good, as it kind of just wears off so you dont have the pain off pulling something off, and its not big and bulky so wont cause a deferred rubbing elsewhere in your prosthesis (i have used all sorts of methods in the past including insullation foamy tape stuff from my dads toolbox - his idea! and it worked well but deferred the rubbing!)

do a google search on opsite spray - here is some basic info on it...


OpSite* Spray Transparent Film Dressing Spray

OpSite Spray is a transparent and quick drying film which is easy and convenient to apply. The film helps to provide protection for dry minor surgical and surface wounds.


Permeable to moisture vapour and air

Water resistant

Conformable and elastic

Quick and easy to apply

This product contains no chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants


Permeable to moisture vapour and air

OpSite Spray is permeable to moisture vapour and air, allowing the surrounding skin to breathe, so reducing the risk of maceration.

Water resistant

The skin area can be bathed easily without affecting the dressing or the wound.

Conformable and elastic

The film stays intact over skin areas that are flexible or mobile such as knuckles.

Quick and Easy to Apply


OpSite Spray can be used for a variety of minor dry wounds, in particular:

Minor cuts and abrasions

Over dry sutured wounds

Sealing of drainage tubes and external orthopaedic fixation, such as Steinmann pins

After suture removal

Over vaccination sites

Skin graft fixation

Can help to protect unbroken blisters

Contraindications / Precautions

Avoid inhaling.

Use in a well ventilated area.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material.

Pressurised container: protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. Do not pierce or burn, even after use.

Keep out of the reach of children.

For external use only.

Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking.

Do not use with plastic intravascular devices.

Avoid spraying onto fabrics.

Not to be used with iodine preparations. Skin reddening may occur when used with an iodine solution and covered with occlusive dressings.

Not intended to be used in conjunction with other medicated preparations.

Do not apply on children under the age of 18 months.

For skin grafts: It is imperative that adequate areas of the graft are left without spray to allow adequate drainage of serous fluid.


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:) Thanks everyone for all the info.....I will try to find some in my area. B)

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Hi everyone,

This thread has helped me, I though I was the odd one out. I have had a cut on the bottom of where my bone ends, it is vertical with the bone, I don't know what has caused it, unless it got a bit too dry. I have been without my limb for a week now so I am trying to get back to normal.

I'll try and get my hands on the spray, it sounds quite good. I can't really put a 'dressing' on the area as my socket fits so close. And the trouble is I cannot get out of my house without being able to walk a bit at least, so cannot get to the hospital to get the socket checked/adjusted.



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