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Water Legs

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Hello one an all......

after a very severe accident i am now facing amputation below the knee. They thought about it while doing the re-build of my ankle but decided to carry on for another 7 hours in a vain attempt to keep it. 3mths later and it looks like it gotta go cos it just a worthless bit of bone now!! i have so many questions its unreal so you may see quiet a few poping up all over this forum.....

this one is to pick your brain about legs..... things like... what type of leg will the nhs fit??? how much use will i have out of it as im very active..... when it comes to going ot the beach and doing water sports can i have a leg for this function and more to the point do the NHS provide it of do i have to bu it??? one i have a leg can i just buy different feet for differnt applications??

and then theres the cosmetic cover issue..... i read on one site that you have to have a split toe foot..... i have never seen one of these in all the pictures??

questions, questions, questions...... can anyone help??

Thank you :)

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That's what these boards are for - asking questions! :D

The NHS supplies a variety of legs, depending on your requirements and their experience and funding. Level of service differs across the country but good centers provide adequate limbs. You will undoubtedly get a better limb if you go private but the costs are high - £4000 for an entry level BK leg.

Water legs can be made available from the NHS although I have heard it depends on your limb fitting center. Some have had success getting one and others were told that funds wouldn't allow it. There are limbs out there available for just about anything you decide to tackle. From skiing to mountain climbing and even running marathons! (ask Brenda :P)

Generally you would have separate limbs: One for everyday use and another for your activity (watersports or running related)

A split toe foot is one which has a gap between the big and little toes. This is generally for wearing thongs or sandals, etc. If your foot is going to be covered by a shoe then I wouldn't worry about that. If you get a silicone cover then the foot is modelled to match your other foot.

A good source for finding out about prosthetics I find is the Limbless Association. It also has links to various manufacturer web sites where you can read about latest innovations. If you join the Limbless Association you get copies of their quarterly magasine 'Step Forward' which has articles on research and development.

Your prosthetist will be a good source of information as well and you should pick his/her brains on these sorts of issues.

Best of luck with your upcoming operation - you have a long road ahead of you but if you are well informed it will make it that bit easier.

Best Wishes


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I realize now that things aren't that much different from the Uk to the US. It all boils down to, if you want something you just have to go out and get it yourself. I am from the US and have been battling my insurance company (who shall remain nameless) for months to pay for my waterproof leg so I can ski again. All we (this was my prostheist idea) did was tell them a tinny little lie that I needed this leg to be able to shower safely, they didn't buy it :( and have denied it 4 times now. Time to move on I guess.

Good luck and let us know when you are cutting through the wakes!!!


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