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All I need is an Alen wrench

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:unsure: I've been skiing many years. I'm a mid level BK amputee and used to ski on two skis. I was using a sach foot at the time (This was early 80's and I was still a little kid). I was skiing an intermediate run at "Flatstar" near Truckee, CA when the bolt holing my foot on came lose with a loud crack. It didn't break but the foot was free to spin, a very bad thing when skiing. I fell and when I stopped my ski and foot were backwards. Unfortunately this happened right in front of a rookie ski patrolman. I have to say the guy did a great job of helping me, that is if I'd really had a broken (real) leg rather than a broken fake leg. The guy was on my starting to "treat" me before I knew what had happened. When I saw my foot loose I knew all I needed was an alen wrench to tighten it and I'd be on my way. What the ski patrolman saw was a teenager with a very badly broken leg.

I asked if he had an alen wrench, He looked at me and asked why I wanted an alen wrench.

"To fix my leg"

"You broke it. It's going to take more than an alen wrench to fix" He figured I was in shock and delirious. By this time more ski patrol were showing up. Even a guy with a sled. They had carefully removed my ski without touching my leg so they failed to discover it was fake. I kept trying to explain my leg was fake and I needed an alen wrench. I'd try to sit up and they would push me back down. I was finally able to get the pant leg up to show them I was not in shock, not even in pain. They finally got me the wrench, I tightened the bolt and finished the ski day.

As far as I know that story is still being told at the ski area. I was telling this story to a ski patrolman a few years ago and he'd heard it, but didn't believe it.

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