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Hi Back from Bulgaria.

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Just got back from Bulgaria.

Had a nice time,Now I know I dont have a lot to moan about the welfare in the the UK.

After seeing how some of the amputee's live over there.

No drop kerb's very high kerb's and pavement uneven where there are pavement's (Walk way's)

Airport's poor, standing outside waiting to get into departure lounge for 2 hrs same in arrivals.

But would not have missed our experience.

Talk later when unpacked,Nice to be back and catch up on New's on this site.

It's still the best one for Amputee's.


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this is one of my fears of leaving the Uk for Holidays :(

I aint been on holiday away since my acident

where did you go out there?

i wanted to see the sunny beach area

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Hi Stephen.

We stayed Sunny beach for two week's it's a nice place.

The hotel we were at was very good we stayed in a disable friendly room roll in shower grab rail's high toilet etc wide door's as I am most of the time in my wheelchair I am AKA.

Only thing Burgas Airport very poor long Wait's going in and coming out of Bulgaria.

Airport staff not very friendly get over that and we had a good time in Bulgaria.

All designer gear very cheap we went full inclusive did not need to spend much at all we were a family of 9 4 adult's and 5 children, children from 5 to 14 they were catered for.

No drop kerb's pavement very poor but getting better so we were told.

When you go into the resort sunny beach you go through check point only people living there and holiday maker's and people with work permit's can get past the check point's we were told that was to keep undesirables out of the resort as there is a like of crime in Bulgaria we felt safe there just dont go off the beaten track.

Weather very good just right for the time we were there.

Stephen if you want to know more send me a PM.

Kind regards Pat.

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Welcome back Pat looking forward to hearing all about your trip :)

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