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Admin Statement 07/01/2006

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Where do I begin? Well let's see.... how about the beginning. In March of 2003, when I contacted the Heather Mills management about some technical glitches on their newly introduced online forum, I offered to assist in debugging but had no knowledge that I was soon to be given the responsibility of being the Administrator and Moderator of what became a very active online forum for people with limb loss. At that point, I was still in recovery from amputation myself, and was in need of a place to be with like others. I had found amputee support groups that I had to travel an hour to two hours to get to. I had nothing else at that point that was close by. What an honor that it was to be bestowed this wonderful responsibility to look after and help cultivate this most valuable online resource. It is and was a very empowering task that I learned a great deal in a short matter of time..

As time progressed, the forum grew and grew and is still growing. As with anything that grows, it got to be more work than I could possibly handle on my own, considering the fact that I was developing other interests, as well as my own personal responsibilities (husband, father, daytime job, and self employed business). I was forced to solicit on the forum for some help. Having a team can be a most gratifying experience, when Together Everyone Accomplishes More. For that to happen, it is very important to keep everyone on the same page and in sync, requiring a great deal of hard work communicating, and showing respect. If we could only get more of that in the world today, it would be a better place for us all to live. A great deal of good was accomplished for the benefit of this forum, by those who served with me as a part of the moderating team.

Today, due to a recent series of events that have taken place, I have returned to being the sole Admin/Moderator of this forum, which I still take a great deal of pride and honor in holding. I believe that this forum will survive all of the pains associated with these past turn of events. This forum has always had a core group of members that have always been there for the good of all, looking out for each other and the forum. You know who you are, and I thank you for being there. There are too many of you to mention, and this forum is not supposed to be all about an individual, but rather a cumulative interest with a common goal to help each other by sharing. There is no room for anger, hate or bias on this forum.

I am requesting that we all act like adults, let the past pass, and look to the future for better days. There is so much good that we need to stay focused on, and continue to do more of. If you or a family member or friend have limb loss, and are in need of an online resource to be a part of an amputee forum family, this place could be for you. If this is no longer the place that you want to be, have outgrown it, or require something different; congratulations on your decision to move on. Celebrate your past and upcoming change in your future. Change is good and can be very healthy. Congratulations also to those who have decided to stay. We welcome those who appreciate what we have on this forum, and encourage them to share for the good of all.

Thank you and let’s keep on keeping this forum alive.

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