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There have been savng up for a while so here goes

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Well, ever since I got my Ceterus foot for my BK prosthesis I have thought there is no way I am getting a cosmetic cover over it, it costs a couple of grand and I am showing it off. For this reason I also have been wearing shorts all summer. This has provoked some great reactions from the kids. Everytime I go somewhere a kid will say to their mother "look at that boys leg" to which the parent gets very embaressed, but it is funny to me. Just today I was walking down a street and some wee girl actually put her head out the window to look at my leg :D

Before I got back from uni I went to the beach with some friends and was wearing my exoskeleton leg for the beach, naturally. There were kids beside us. We were digging a massive tunnel in the sand (as you do) and the wee kid walks up to me and out of the blue said "you have got funny toes". I could see the parents looking in a state of shock when he said this and I was taken aback so I said "yeah well, so do you" (quick thinking me haha). I then decided I had better tell him what really happened, as I now tell everyone who asks me how I lst my leg, it was bitten off by a shark of course. This is a great story because they don't know wether to believe you or not.

Anyway, I do actually have a funny story for you all.At easter I was flying back home for a couple of weeks and I was boarding the plane at Glasgow airport. I was wearing jeans at the time. I thought I would be clever and go to the back steps of the plane, everyone knows there aren't as steep as the front ones. There was a girl infront of me who was taking the steps 2 at a time and so I thought I had better be clever and do the same. I was going rightly until I brought my right leg forward, went to put it down and realised nothing was there. My artificial limb had got caught in one of the stairs and come right off leaving me standing there with one leg. I sat down on the steps and tried to get it back on and after a couple of minutes did manage to. I looked up the stairs and saw the air hostess saying did I need any help, not know what to do and in a bit of a panic and the people behind me on the stairs in a bit of a shock :D I think I just kept my head down for the rest of the flight, not an ideal thing to happen.

The same has happened me once before. One time in upper 6th in school (18 year old) I was helping build part of a stage for a fashion show. I was siting on the ground attaching some things to the bottom of the stage and the junior choir were on the stage practising. I went to stand up and my leg stayed where it was, caught on something. This was the day I managed to scare half the junior school of my school as they didn't know I had an artifical leg :D I just made a quick getaway when I got it back on :D

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