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Hi everyone,

The following is an account of a conversation between my wife and I.

The conversation took place after we had seen the Consultant for an outpatients appointment after I had had my leg removed. It was the first appointment since the op.

Wife "That was strange!"

Me "What?"

Wife "You know you thanked him for taking your leg away, well I couldn't."

Me "Couldn't what?"

Wife "Thank him. How could I thank him for taking your leg away?"

Me "True, he did take my leg away, but I was thanking him for the new life he had given me. No pain to stop me living my life as I want to. A much better quality of life."

Best as ...


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I can really relate. People were mortified when they heard the surgery I was going to have and that I was choosing this option. I am so grateful to the surgeon for the wonderful job he did and the great follow up care. I am lucky to have an amazing prosthetist that gives me his work, home and even lake cabin phone numbers so I can reach him anytime, night or day! That is not the usual in this day and age. He has always been so uplifting and positive, telling me that every day will be just a little bit better and that the worst is behind me. How right he is!!

Give your wife a hug when you read this. I think a good relationship with a spouse would be helpful at a time such as this. There are times when I don't want to talk to my kids (20, 19 and 16) but have no spouse to turn to. Unfortunately my former spouse found solace in a bottle instead with me. I'm thankful I have family close by and for the people on this site.


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