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Book Donation to Director of Support Group

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I would like to respectfully donate a book to the directors of any Amputee Support Groups. This is an opportunity for you and your group to find out about my new book: It’s Just a Matter of Balance. It will be your copy to share with the group! This book is listed here on the Heather Mills McCartney web site under the HELP section under Recommended Inspirational Books.

The book is an autobiography that is quite unique in that the story is written by a certified and licensed prosthetist. The book explains in detail how I ended up in this profession of making artificial limbs after surviving cancer although with the eventual loss of my right foot!

This is a very positive and motivational book. The doctors that have read it feel that it is excellent for anyone suffering with a permanent disability! The book explains through the telling of this non-fiction very personal story, that surviving a tragedy and surviving it well is absolutely possible.

It would be my pleasure to send out a book free of all costs as a donation to your support group. More information on my book can be viewed at: www.GarrisonOP.com

E-mail your name and address to: garr735@bellsouth.net for your Donated copy.

An amputee helping amputees with great respect,

Kevin S. Garrison C.P., L.P./Author

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