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1/2 price pedicures?

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I hardly feel qualified to post in this section, since I will not be an amputee officially for another three weeks, but in keeping humor about the situation, my husband and kids continually think of funny jokes we can play after the surgery.

My sons esp are excited about next halloween...have concocted some big plan involving a magic show, a saw and lots of ketchup...I will keep you posted!

My husband is determined that we will go to some salon some day and ask

if I get half price pedicures....

I have had two friends get confused when I tell them I cant wait to wear fun shoes finally (I have a deformed foot and have been VERY limited in footware my whole life). They say, "...but wont you only be buying ONE?..." Then they smack themselves on the forehead and realize their error!

And since I have worn a hard plastic AFO brace for most of their lives, my neices have always loved "knocking" on the back of my calves, to figure out which is my "hard" leg....now they can continue their game, but it might not knock as clearly now!

I love this section, reading the funny encounters people have had. I hope to post some of my own, once I get my surgery and start rehab.


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Half-price foot care??

With daibetes, I first lost a small toe. Jokingly, I asked the podiatrist if I'd get a discount - only 9 toes. Nah. Later, I had my first BK amp. Then I asked, Now, do I get a discount? Nope! Try again.

Several months later, I had my second BK amp. Later, when I could walk, I went into the podiatrist's office, just for fun. I asked, "NOW do I get that discount??" We all had a good laugh. :P

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