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Hi! I know its been a while so here's the latest. I'm still trying to learn how to walk with the canes with the arm support. A lot harder than with the walker. :( Needed some adjustments to the c-legs too. All in all everything has been going O.K. Had a bout of depression one weekend. :unsure: Guess its the holiday and the fact I couldn't decorate the house like I use to. Impossible for me ever to climb a ladder again to put up the lights. But my better half yelled at me to knock it off, and I wasn't the only one affected by it. :o Also some extra praying, remembering that so many others are worse off than me and all the help I have received from the railroad made me feel that I really don't have it so bad. :) My biggest problem seems to be getting those muscles in my hips to stretch and allow me to stand straight when I'm trying to walk. I know it will never be the same, but the therapist wants me to get as straight as possible to help me walk easier. It all takes so much energy and I am trying to be very patient as I know it will take time. So to all of you here have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Vince

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Hi Vince

Good to hear from you. I know you'll hate me for saying this :lol: but one step at a time. I got an 'Ultimate' yeilding leg last April. But had a basic foot fitted with it. It was ok at first, but the more I got used to it, the more I found the leg and foot were incompatable. So I asked if I could have a foot that would be compatable. In June they fitted a 'multiflex' foot. I am now just getting used to it and my walking has improved tremendously. Less pai and smoother walking.

One of the problems I have had was when using crutches I had a tendancy to lean forward using the crutches as support rather than using my legs. So I have gradually straightened up and it's all going great.

I still fall over occasionally. (occupational hazard being an amp :lol: ) But this is because I forget I am wearing a prosthesis!

I became depressed when I got my first leg, I think it was all the waiting, some kind of anti-climax? But it didn't last very long. In fact my wife told me it was not going to last very long or I wouldn't :lol:

Just keep at it, it will all come together. Keep in touch.

Have a good xmas

Take care


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You are doing great!!! The problem with crutches is the fact that you can depend on them because they can be a crutch. I hated it when I used them because I would lean because of them because they are a crutch.. I know that's corny but it's how I had to look at them. Are you using the forarm crutches because I found that they were much better then the underarm ones.

Try laying on the floor on your stomach and with your elbows on the floor push your upper body up and that will stretch out your hips and glutes. ( hope you can visualize this)

You are going to have good days and bad days it's part of life you probably had that when you had your legs. As for the hanging of the christmas decorations have someone do it for you but tell them how you want them hung at least you'll be a part of the festivities of decorating. :D

Keep us posted..

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well.


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