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2007 ACA Conference

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Hi Ed;

Lynne here! who did you apply to for your membership?

I'm wondering if I could do the same as I have my Dad's Vet Card?



Hi Ed:

Are you going this year? I'd really like to go. Will you be flying alone? would you mind company?


I got my ACA membership last night...for free! They have a special one year deal for vets, so if it applies to you, check it out! :D

Thanks for the tip. I was informed that I was the first Canadian to ask about this. I recieved my membership this past week.

So now I suppose it is time for everyone to indicate if they are in fact attending this year.. We need to set up a list the same as last year and make some similar arrangements for meeting etc.........................

Looks like JohnnyV you're on............


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