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No offence taken, I can understand you wanting to talk to other guys, and I agree with OBL it'll be the other way around. People will be picking your brains, after all you are very active with hiking, canoeing and power kiting and such :rolleyes: Other amps will be wanting to know how you do it.

Remember how far you've come Mick.......your'e doing great :D

One day we will go for a walk together.......but don't expect me to keep up with you :lol:

Wouldn't it be great for us UK amps to meet up, go for it Neil but don't try and do it on your own, it's abig responsibility.


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Just a small sugestion.

I was thinking along the lines of teaming up with individuals at your local limb centre. This could be done at the various centres across the UK. Once that is done it would be a lot easier to organize a meet-and-greet from participating limb centres.

I've seen various posts from people wanting to get a social affair started for UK amps. The only problem with that is the size of organizing such an event. I think once someone tries to get it going they then realize the enormity of the task. Afterwhich things kinda fade.

Not to sound pesimistic but it is a large task for one person to do by themselves, which is why I thought of starting out at a local level, then once things are up and going trying the task of getting things going on a national level.

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i havnt read all of this

but i would love to meet people which are in simular situations (i dont mind where it is but i thought it be nice not to be in a clinical area sort of place) because i can never seem to relax well in places like that as it can be to informal

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