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I would like to find out where to go in Australia to have the greatest selection of prosthetics. I will have a below-the-knee amputation on January 5th, after over 5 years of doing everything known to medical science to get rid of the synovial cell sarcoma in my ankle. I only hope it hasn't already begun to metastasize into my lungs. The only prosthetics the amputation clinic at the Royal Brisbane Hospital showed me were the steel bars, and yet, I have seen legs that looked very much like real legs. I would appreciate any info anyone might have. Also, has anyone had a limb which has been grossly radiated and perfused with chemo, amputated - and has the stump healed well?

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I dont have any answers for you, unfortunately, but wanted to wish you the best of luck in this journey. Sounds like you have been down a long road already. I hope someone on this forum can help you. Maybe someone with the ACA (Amputee Coalition of America) would have references for australia. Check their website. GOOD LUCK my friend, and hang in there. Hopefully this will be a year of recovery for you.

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hi retta,

i haven't had radiation but have gone through chemo 4 months b4 the amputation which took place just a month ago. my scar is healing perfectly and looks and feels great. what i made sure was that b4 amputation i had a break of at least 2 weeks, in fact i insisted and wouldn't let them operate b4 that. also i checked my blood on a regular basis and got given the clear two days b4 the amputation.

metastasis is always a worry and will remain even after amputation. i had a osteo sarcom just below my left knee and i just got the clear from the lab that my leg was cancer free, i had the tumor removed a month earlier but with a margin too small to be sure all was out and so i was recommended to have a safety amputation. even though i stand in the clear the though "what if" remains! but there's no use to worry about that, it would be the same as to worry about death which is a fact.

i'm looking forward to after the festive holidays because i'll finally be given my prosthetic leg and i'm anxious to walk on my two feet again.

keep your head up


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I had a 4.5 cm Synovial sarcoma in my left foot. Had my amputation on March 21st of 2002. Went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Amputation of my left foot was my only treatment plan. Was told that this type of tumor did not respond to chemo or radiation and that the sooner I got rid of it, the better chances I would have of survival. I am sorry that the other treatment didn't work for you. I wish that had been a successful option for you. Talk to your surgeon about your healing concern, because we are all different in that respect. Your concern is valid about the radiation pre-op effecting your healing. I am hopeful that some of our Australian members will pick up on your post and come to your aid in regard to what is available in a leg for you there. I tryed contacting some of them for you.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and if there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know.

Regards, wishing you all the best:

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Hello Retta,

Johnny V sent me a message re your post, I'm affraid I have'nt been keeping upto date with whats happening on this site for a while, applogies for that.

I can recomend my legman, David Howells, in Sydney.

David is very up to date with whats available worldwide, and is also a damn nice bloke.

He owns Advanced Prosthetic in Sydney and I travel from Cairns to utilise his services.

They have a web site - http://www.advancedprosthetic.com.au/

with all contact details listed there.

best of luck,

and Happy New Year to all.

Rgds Glenn

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