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Guest bearlover

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing....But living up North I don't miss the snow..! :lol:

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Dearest Marilyn,

I'm sitting behind the circulation desk in the library.

It looks like it's going to be a quiet afternoon.

So I might as well write you a few lines.

I'm not much of a talker, even less of a small talker.

I find it much easier to express my feelings and thoughts in writing.

On the loss of your son.

My wife and I have no children.

So it's impossible for me to gauge what it is like to lose a son.

To lose a child must be even worse for a mother who has literally

borne the child and given birth to him/her.

In contrast to my wife I never cared much for having children of my own.

Perhaps I feared the responsibility.

If we had had children my library would certainly not be as sizeable as it is.

So there is definitely a certain amount of selfishness involved. :D

But there is also a price to be paid.

One of us - my wife or myself - is bound to survive the other.

If my wife should die before me, I'd be left with no relatives to take care of me.

It's truly tragic that your son should have committed suicide at such a young age.

I do have my doubts as far as the concept of free will is concerned.

Is it fair? No.

If you are looking for consolation try the website of the Sarcoma Alliance http://www.sarcomaalliance.org/

There you will find - among others - many stories of teenagers who are battling cancer and may never

live to be twenty.

Losing someone we love is the worst thing that's bound to happen to us at some time.

In my case it was the loss of my beloved grandfather, an aunt and uncle, a fatherly friend and ...

my dog.

I have always tried to be stoic.

We simply must accept whatever fate has in store for us.

I hope I have not bored you.

Take care!



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hi Marilyn

i remember you from before, i have been away from the internet for a little while, i had my amputation in feb 2006 and shortly after my life started to go mad!

i am really sorry to hear your news, but relieved to hear that you are getting there now, as a mother myself, i cant begin to imagine what you are going through, i can only wish you and yours all the best.

i think its going to take me a while to read everything to catch up... but i am going to give it a go!

things as i said have gone mad for me over the last year or so, i have been ski bobbing twice in austria, scotland twice (white water rafting and other mad sports) i sailed around the english channel with 11 other amputees and loads more, thats without taking into consideration, moving to wales and my husband starting a new business... madness!

i still dont know how to add photos to the site, any advice on that would be greatly appreciated pleaseeeee!

catch up soon with everyone

keep smiling and i am glad the site is still proving to help everyone, as it did and continues to do for me.

Terri ;)

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