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ACA May 2007 Topic of the Month- Everyday People

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ACA Articles: Including inMotion, First Step, Military in-Step Articlesand ACA Fact SheetsAmputee Firefighter

Returns to Duty / Brandie Erisman. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2001. Article from inMotion, November / December 2001. Just 15 months after losing his left leg below the knee, Florida firefighter Bill Henry is back on the job. A firefighter for six years before his amputation, Henry is not riding a desk but is back riding a fire truck and hauling hose.



Alternatives: Life Without Artificial Limbs: Relationships: The Perfect Match / Jan Garrett. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America,1998. Article from inMotion, November/ December 1998. Jan Garrett, JD, discusses how the support of her family was a solid foundation for future relationships and lets readers know that there is “the perfect match” for everyone.


Fighting to Fly / Rick Bowers. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America,2003. Article from inMotion, September / October 2003. This is a profile of Alverna Williams, a bilateral lower-extremity amputee after an accident at the age of 1, who was the first pilot with a physical disability to be licensed to fly an airplane by the Federal Aviation Administration. Alverna prefers to walk on her hands.



Fishing...for People of All Abilities / Julie Wiest. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2002. Article from inMotion, July / August 2002. For the men profiled in this article, the ability to fish is a marker of their quality of life. Limb loss does not stop their ability to reel in a fresh catch.



A Force of Nature / Bill Dupes. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2005. Article from inMotion, May /June 2005. This is the story of Nick Springer. Nick lost four limbs to meningitis, which he contracted at camp at the age of 14. It is the story of how he has overcome obstacles and is thriving today.



Going Public: Overcoming the Emotional Barriers That Keep You Inside / Warren Sumners. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America,2005. Article from inMotion, March /April 2005. This article looks at the reasons why amputees can find it difficult to go out in public shortly after their amputation. Often, the reasons are emotional. The author tells his personal story about going back into the world.



Easy Read: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/easyread/..._public-ez.html

Spanish Easy Read: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/e..._public-ez.html

Having a Baby: How Pregnancy Affects Women With Limb Loss / Sarah Pedersen. Knoxville,TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2003.Article from inMotion, September /October 2003. This article looks at the special issues and concerns of expectant mothers with limb loss. Women featured in this story talk about the obstacles they faced and how they made it through pregnancy and early motherhood as amputees.



Knocking Down Pins, Knocking Down Doubts/ Bowers, Rick. Knoxville,TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2006. Article from inMotion, November /December 2006. In this article, meet two amputees (one left above-knee (AK) / right hip disarticulation, the other left hip disarticulation) who continue to bowl and enjoy life despite their disabilities.



Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i..._down_pins.html

Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...g_down_pins.pdf

Obliterating the Odds / Dan Johnson. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America,2000. Article from inMotion, March /April 2002. A profile of Brandon Kline, who lost his right leg in fourth grade because of cancer. He hasn't let his limb loss slow him down.


On the Job With Roy Brown / Nancy Carroll. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 1998. Article from inMotion, September / October 1998. This is a profile of Roy Brown, a man who lost both legs above the ankles, his left hand and fingers and thumb on his right hand from a severe infection and blood disorder. Roy has gone on to start Tri-County Barrier Busters and a support group in the Chattanooga/ North Georgia area.


Starting a Small Business: Amputee Business Owners Tell Their Stories and Offer Advice to Others / Rick Bowers. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America,2005. Article from inMotion, January/ February 2005. This article looks at three amputees who have successfully started their own small business.



Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...llbusiness.html

Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...allbusiness.pdf

The Strength to Carry On: Amputees Share Their Secrets of Success / by Rick Bowers. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America (ACA), 2006. Article from inMotion, September / October 2006. This article highlights three people, who share their experiences as new amputees.



Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...h_to_carry.html

Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...th_to_carry.pdf

Surviving in a Two-Handed World / Rick Bowers. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2001. Article from inMotion, July / August 2001. This article looks at two bilateral upper-extremity amputees who have learned to take their lives into their own "hands." http://www.amputee-coalition.org/inmotion/...g_01/world.html


Swept Off Your Feet / John P. Foppe. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America,2006. Article from inMotion, January/ February 2006. John Foppe is motivational speaker, disability coach, and was born without arms. In this article, Foppe discusses how he overcame his own emotional barriers and fear of rejection to date. He tells the reader how he and his wife met and started their relationship.



Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i..._your_feet.html

Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...f_your_feet.pdf

Taking a Ride on the Insurance Roller Coaster/ Jeremiah Pérez. Knoxville,TN: Amputee Coalition of America (ACA), 2006. Article from inMotion, July /August 2006. The author talks about his struggles with insurance during his recovery after a car accident that left him a BK amputee, and then beyond, including revision surgery and getting the appropriate fit for his prosthesis.



Thank You for Not Smoking / by Christina Skoski, MD. Knoxville,TN: Amputee Coalition of America (ACA), 2006. Article from inMotion, September / October 2006. This author talks about her own journey to quit smoking.



Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...06/smoking.html

Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i..._06/smoking.pdf

Towards Reaching"Normalcy"-- Does It Really Matter? / Donna R. Walton, EdD. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2006. Article from inMotion, July /August 2006. Dr. Walton describes her own quest to be "normal" and walk without a limp, despite her high-level, AK amputation. She describes meeting another woman with the same feelings. After years of coping with their own gaits, they both came to the same conclusion: to not their limps define who they are. After all, their limp is "normal" to them.



Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...g_normalcy.html

Spanish: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/spanish/i...ng_normalcy.pdf

Videos and CD-ROMs

Amputees Speak Out / Louisville,Ky.: Frazier Rehab Center, [199?]. VHS. In the first part of this video, James (58, AK/BK), Alice (50, BK), James (78, bilateral BK), Terri (34, AK), Charles (54, AK), and Dorothy (60, AK) talk about how a positive attitude helps them lead active, independent, fulfilling lives. Amputees also talk about their own personal experiences with phantom pain. The video reviews the feelings of grief and loss that normally follow amputation, and the amputees add comments from their own experience. In the final part, called “Bouncing Back,” the amputees tell how family support, religion, and the success of others helped them accept themselves and become stronger people after their amputations.

Diana / producedby WGBH Boston; producer, Janet Weaver. Chicago,Ill.: Encyclopaedia Britannica EducationalCorp. St. Cloud, Minn.: Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council, 1978. VHS. This film focuses on a young girl who under went a leg amputation because of a cancerous tumor. It shows how she learned to cope with her condition and adjust to her surroundings.

Don't Fix Me, I'm Not Broken / Simcoe Communications. Roseville, CA: Simcoe Communications, c1990. VHS. Born without arms, Stacey McInroe Connor demonstrates her natural ability to use her feet as a "ninety-nine and a half percent independent" person. Her independence evolved once the rehabilitation community focused on what she did have and recognized her wish not to use a prosthesis. From dressing to driving, Stacey's abilities are inspirational!

A Full Stride: Overcoming the Challenges of Amputation / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences; produced with the participation of Saskatchewan Communications Network and SaskFILM; a co-production between Heartland Motion Pictures Inc.and U. TV/CKVU Vancouver ... [et al.]. Princeton, N.J.:Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1996. VHS. Focusing on three very different people, this program shows the many sides of amputation, from the time of hospitalization to the triumph of accomplishing small and large tasks.

Jonathon's Story / Interactive Drama Inc. Bethesda, MD: Interactive Drama Inc., 2000.CD-ROM. Jonathon Lee is a musician/composer who lost both legs below the knee and most of his eyesight due to diabetes. In spite of these disabilities, he runs his own business and lives his life with complete independence. Jonathon responds to your questions about his amputations and recovery and how he hascoped. His positive outlook and independent spirit are inspiring.

Melanie's Story / Interactive Drama Inc. Bethesda, MD: Interactive Drama Inc., 2000.CR-ROM. Melanie Benn is a quadruple amputee (bilaterally through both knees and bilaterally below each elbow). She lost her limbs to meningococcemia, a rareblood infection, while on Christmas break from college. Melanie has mastered the use of both upper- and lower-limb prostheses, has learned to drive an adapted car, and has continued her studies.

ACAPublications That Highlight Everyday People

First Step: A Guide for Adapting to Limb Loss. A publication of the National Limb Loss Information Center. Knoxville,TN: Amputee Coalition of America, 2005.This is the essential guide for all people who are coping with the challenges of limb loss. First Step offers readers reliable information on consumer issues that have been raised time and time again by amputees attempting to make educated choices, get better services or decide on available options. Also available in Spanish.


inMotion. A publication of the Amputee Coalition of America. Knoxville, TN: Amputee Coalition of America. inMotion is published bimonthly for amputees, caregivers and healthcare professionals, providing timely and important information on a wide variety of topics.


Online Resourcesand OrganizationsAboveKneeAmputee.com. Plano, TX:AboveKneeAmputee.com, 1999-. This site's purpose is to help AK amputees achievegood results when they get their prosthesis, as well as provide support for a variety of AK amputee issues.


Hemipelvectomy and Hip-DisarticulationAmputee Support and Information Site / Christina Skoski, MD. Santa Anna, CA:HP/HD HELP, 2001-. This site is dedicated to peer support, communication, information and education for those with hemipelvectomy and hip-disarticulation.The site includes many helpful tips and practices for effectively using prostheses and explains prosthetic components specific to HP/HD level amputees.


Moving Right Along: Past Amputation, Back to Life [*blog] / Sara is a happy, ordinary, middle-aged, suburban woman who paints odd pictures, gardens in a straw hat, is owned by a cat, lives with the love of her life, and walks a little funny because she has a fake leg. She started this Web site because there is more to life than what we lose, and we need to let each other know what's possible, even if it's only a happy, ordinary life.


Onelegtim.com / Tim McCarthey. [united States,200-]-. This is the personal home page of Tim McCarthey, a retired police officer & above knee amputee. In addition to his personal story of the accident and recovery, he has detailed information for AKs on riding motorcycles and bicycles as well as a list of resources for AKs and police officers.


Superhands: For Kids and Adults With Hand and Upper-Limb Differences / developed by Steve Geigle. [united States, 199-]-. Superhandsis a forum for anyone to learn about and network with adults and youth who havehand- or upper-limb differences.


UpperEx.com / developed by Eric Westover. [united States, 2005]-.In addition to being an e-Zine published by and for upper-extremity amputees,this site has expanded to offer more resources for UEAs.


*A shortened form of “Web log,” a blog is a Web site consisting of regularlyupdated posts arranged chronologically, like a news site or a journal.

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