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MAS Socket

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hi everybody,

maybe someone here could help me.

i would love to get a MAS socket but my leg guy here in switzerland doesn't know how to make it, and it's one of the national centres for prosthetics. he said that they have tried several times to get a hold of him so he could come here and show them how it's done but so far no luck.

i believe we are all missing out on this great invention so i would like to try and see if i have more luck than them.

please any one with some ideas let me know.


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Could you explain what is MAS socket. I have never heard.

I have a traditional socket, but without a strap. Holds in very well, but due to daily shrinkage I need to add socks during the day. I also have good control provided that I keep it tight with the filler-socks. I use ankle height sports socks on the top of Silipos sock. I am not a stranger to Ossur system and other pin systems, but I have a reservation on how they work in tropical climate. I have received some feedback from some who have tried them here in Singapore; they get skin problems due to perspiration as the stump is not breathing inside the silicone sleeve. Accordingly, I do not want to try and invest, it would be expensive experiment. So I just stick to my traditional socket. However, I would be pleased to hear whether there exist any simple systems that work in tropics too. Simple is sometimes better than hightech.

I am an LBKA for over 2 1/2 years now.

Kind regards,


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I'm not sure how you would contact him, but here is a link to his site. Its a bit slow for European browsers as I think it is in Mexico. I'd love to hear how you get on.

Ortiz International

Good Luck!


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