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Hi Everyone:

One of my few messages, but I do read everything!

Just one question, and I really hope I don't offend anyone, but has anyone wondered why Heather has not replied to this "large" discussion about her wonderful performance on "Dancing With The Stars"?

I'd love to hear how she feels about this "incredible response" about her amazing feet on the show?

I really hope I'm not hurting or offending anyone. But I have never seen a response from Heather on this site, hopefully I have just missed it?

Heather, what do you think about how we all feel about you?

Response from Heather:

Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing support you have

shown me over this past year. The many kind words through Dancing

with the Stars inspired me to continue when I was sometimes in pain.

Dancing for Viva! was an incredibly rewarding experience. To

know we raised thousands of pounds to save many animals lives

whilst having the time of my life was unforgettable. There is a

rumour that the BBC may be showing the series in the UK for those

of you who didn't get to watch it all.

If you haven't tried dancing and always fancied it, go for it !

I have now seen a limbless guy dancing spinning on his head and

an amazing above knee amputee do the mambo without his prosthetic

on (all hips and ass) he was a sexy mover.

If you don't fancy it but enjoy watching it their are many dance

competitions around the world. I just saw Jonathan's (my dance

partner) wife Ania compete in the biggest competition in the

world in Blackpool. It was a blast and we have become firm friends.

Johnathan was a kind and caring partner. I was so lucky to be

partnered with him. Maybe we can do a Christmas special.

My next goal after I finish my Chemistry and Biology exams is to

tap dance. Just need to find a foot that may accomodate. If you

know of any let me know.

More importantly an enormous thankyou to all of you that signed

my online petition. How ecstatic we are to know millions of

animals lives have been saved through the European ban on the

import and export of dog and cat fur from China.

Soon the Chinese will stop this trade even if it's based solely

on it not being financially productive, a sad reality...

Stay happy.

Love Heather x

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Guest bearlover

:) Thanks Heather for all you do for our loving animals...! Iam a HUGE animal lover..Thnaks again! :)

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