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As promised elsewhere, report on my trip......

Just covered 3 nights and 180 gentle km in Holland on push bike, first day was on a tandem then solo. 1st bike ride post accident was 2 weeks ago for a proof of concept, then 1.5 local hours 1 week ago. Wonderful country and people.

Went with 8 friends, kit was moved hotel to hotel by the travel company.

No prosthetic or muscle issues- (used Mauch knee in "free mode") just a sore bottom!!!

I used an SPD pedal to keep foot in place. standard crank length. Found leaning against a wall or a post the easiest way to set off.

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You have certainly made me get started on my bike. I actually got on it and rode it round the garden. That highlighted a few areas that need to be sorted before I go on the road. I'm waiting for my new cranks to arrive.

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