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Custom Profile Field Update

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Hello Everyone! ! !

I am very confident to be able to say that the Heather Mills-McCartney Amputee Forum is a safe haven. I credit this as one of the reasons for its success over the last year. We have had a few instances of inappropriateness, and have done our best to keep things in good decorum, and to promote a place that we can all feel comfortable to trust and want to be a part of.

For the purpose of expanding security on our registration screening process, validating the authenticity of a registrant’s intent, I am putting a new Custom Profile Field in place that will be a required field in order to register on the forum. It’s called Membership Type, and it has a pull down Menu with the options:

AmputeeMost of us.

Family Member/Friend of Amputee - Amputee support person or loved one.

Health Care Professional/Student - Amputee related health care professional or student.

Please update this field along with any other information that you would like in your profile at your earliest convenience.

With your feedback, I would be happy to consider expanding on this in any direction that you deem appropriate to secure our forum even further. Please email or Private Message me. We would like to discourage the wrong type of people becoming members of our forum (I E Heather bashers, Beatle fans, devotees, hidden agendas), and put things in place that will continue to keep it a safe and exclusive place to be part a of. Please continue to feel comfortable. I am glad to be here for you. Let me know what you have on your mind and I will do what I can.

Additionally, we will no longer validate memberships without email confirmation, which is part of the registration validation process.

Thank you for your continued support and participation, making our forum the great resource that it is today.

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Hello Everybody! ! !

For those of you who received my email from yesterday and responded to it, thank you. I will address some of those responses.

I first want to apologize to our non-amputee Heather fans. We are very glad that you are here and support all of Heathers good causes. Thank you for all that you do.

I also want to apologize to all the non-amputee Beatle Fans out there who are also Heather fans. I forgot that I am a Beatle fan as well as an amputee, and that the two can coexist? Thank you for bringing that to my attention. You can be a Beatle Fan as a member of this site. But the primary goal of this site is meant for amputee support first and foremost, and that the membership of this forum needs to be assured of that so that it can be a comfortable place for them to be able to open up in.

Someone who had not experienced limb loss reported that the forum provided self-empowerment to conquer adversity through the strength and fortitude of its members. I think that’s a tribute to the contribution and support that you all give.

Considering that, I have added two more categories to our membership type:

Adversity Conquest/Self Empowerment - Individual empowered by another’s conquest of adversity.

Heather Mills-McCartney FanIndividual who admires Heather.

The original three membership types;

Amputee - Most of us,

Family Member/Friend of Amputee - Amputee support person or loved one,

Health Care Professional/Student - Amputee related health care professional or student,

Unfortunately excluded a few good people who I regretfully discounted and may have hurt unintentionally. So it is my hope that they will except my apologies and understand my true intent. We do not want inappropriate people as members of the amputee forum, and needed some form of exclusivity to be put in place. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Thanks for the replies. They are appreciated.

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