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Summer time..... wooden clogs time ( for amputees too)

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Hi all :

At the end i had got out from hospital afther 16 months inside.

16 months for nothing because they did not to konw what to do with my problem.

they sent my at home at a wheel chair. because dey say that is time to stop. but im not comform and im making a new prothese for the amputee leg and a unloading brace for the other one.

i think will be not dificult to walk with both devices, at least i need to intent it.

other side my left but insane leg this summer will intent to wear as well as others sumemers my new wooden clogs from polska.

i will send pics of them earlyer.

Anyone has the same problem? to wear a RAK prothese with an unloading leg brace at the other one , is easy or not?

Thanks all in advance


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I have found a simply form to wear wooden (or not) clogs without back straps. i use the velcro prosthetic doctor use. y put a little bit (one part) at the end on clog. and the other one fixed at the nylon panty under toes. the ankle mooving is free. to wear then you must put a paper on the clog then put inside the feet ( on the paper) and finally pull back paper the feet will be fixed perfectly at clog.


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