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Paralympic Games Survey - Express Your View

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Because of my amputation a year and a half ago, the Paralympics have become much more meaningful to me. To see amputees be successful physically despite their limitations, is an inspiration. Their courage, dedication, determination and hard work helps to motivate me to do more and to work to be stronger and more active. I cheered when Sarah Reinertsen was on the Amazing Race. I cheered and cried when Heather Mills was on Dancing with the Stars (and then voted for her, lol) I watched these shows BECAUSE of these successful courageous amputees.

I have to say that I was very disappointed tonight when the regular Olympic games ended, knowing that the Paralympics had not even begun yet. The games were closed, the torch extinguished, people were leaving, and on to the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION COVERAGE! :sad:

This makes me feel that the Paralympics are treated like chopped liver by the media. Maybe they should be incorporated into the regular Olympics. The participants of the Paralympics should be treated as well as those of the regular Olympics, and there should be adequate media coverage. They are an inspiration to us all!

The above survey is an opportunity to communicate with the International Paralympic Committee.

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Hi Susan,

Thanks for the survey. I filled it out with the strongest possible response to give us the same coverage as those who aren't amputees.

Hope all is well with you.

Peace. Beth Marie

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I have a press release going in USA Today on Thursday about this!

Hopefully they will get good news coverage this year and more in the future!

The survey is a good opportunity to let them know that there are lots of people that support the Paralympics.


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