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Stagger Lee

scuba diving

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I just returned from a dive trip out on Lake Huron this past week. It was my first experience with Rampro's Activankle.

What a piece of junk. It ruined the first dive of the day and put me in a fair bit of trouble when it failed on a wreck at 90 feet. But the day was still good. I just dove the rest of it with one foot and all was fine. I blogged it here, with a short video clip of my one-legged swimming prowess.

My blog

Only real downside was I'd left my regular walking foot back on shore, planning to use the swim leg to walk around the boat. Without the swim foot, I had to hop and bounce around the boat for the rest of the trip, amazing one and all (and even me) with my ability to balance and flawlessly hop around on a boat the was plunging and rolling in the swells. (I just couldn't stand in one spot without a hand on something.)

And until the foot broke and I had to take it off, none of the other divers on the boat knew that I even had a prosthetic or a missing foot. There was some surprise when I climbed back aboard, sat down, and proceeded to take my leg off and throw it disgustedly into my gear bin. But hey, if ya can't beat 'em, shock 'em. It's all good.

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