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Hearing about Cheryl suffering recently because of her poorly fitting socket was a reminder to me that we have much work to do to get insurance companies to adequately cover prosthetic care.

Most of you know that ACA is working on prosthetic parity (The ACA defines prosthetic parity as insurance companies covering prosthetic care on par with other basic medical services) on a National Level.

Please take the time to sign their petition at:


The ACA is pulling out all of the stops to get the senate version of the Prosthetic Parity Act introduced. If you feel moved, I'm sure they can use help!

Also visit them on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/amputeeadvocacyteam

Representative Andrews helped New Jersey's Prosthetic Parity bill pass. New Jersey now has one of the best Parity Bills in the States!

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