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Stagger Lee

Taking it easy...with an eight mile walk

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So yesterday I decided to try to see how far I could go with my walking foot. 8.5 miles seemed to be about it, as by then I was running into some sore spots on the back of my leg where the sock topped out over the prosthesis. Anyone got any solutions for this? I managed to cure it short-term by taking the sock off, folding it double around the lower end, and putting the socket back on, thus giving me double density on the lower half and none at the top. It increased pressure on the bottom but stopped the chafing at the top.

Funny hoe I can run ten miles with no soreness, but walking half of that gets decidedly uncomfortable. There must be a solution.

And as usual, I blogged it, with nice scenic nature pics.


It was a nice day, after all.

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