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Stagger Lee

So I'm in this restaurant the other night...

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This past week, I went down to New Orleans for a bit. While there, I did a fair bit of running and a LOT of walking. Come the evening of the second day, I was having trouble with my walking leg since I'd taken it apart for cleaning earlier and hadn't gotten a spacer back in just quite right. All it takes is for it to be a few degrees out of place and it gets to be unbearable after a while. So I was sitting in the restaurant, hungry and tired and my leg was sore. All I wanted to do was put my leg up for a bit, so I pulled the other chair at my table around into the aisle and put my leg up on it.

Ahhh...that felt good. Of course it was in the way of the waitresses and anyone else who wanted to walk through, but this wasn't really registering on me, probably at least in part because of the steady diet of beer that I'd been consuming all day. Finally however, my waitress--a cute little gal who looked like she was about 14 years old--came up to me and very politely told me that I was blocking the aisle. I told her that I was sorry, but that my leg was kind of sore and I just needed to stretch it out for a bit. She sympathized but again asked if I wouldn't mind putting my foot under the table.

Well I'm nothing it not cooperative, so I reached down and detached my foot and put it under the table, leaving the rest of my leg right where it was. "How's that?" I asked.

Somewhere in my alcohol-dulled brain, this made sense to me, but she immediately got all flustered and began apologizing to me over and over, saying that she hadn't realized. I tried to tell her that it was ok, but she kept apologizing, and then she took off, and a minute later she came back with the manager, who also began to apologize. I finally got them to understand that I wasn't offended in the least, but the incident was definitely amusing, not only for me but for people at several nearby tables.

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I do stuff like that without thinking all the time and yet I seem to be the only one who ever finds it funny - last time I did something similar at our local shopping centre I think my amp was too soon for my family and friends to laugh along. oh well such is life. best way to enjoy yourself.

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