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A new lifty

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I was working night ops one night and decided to ski for part of that day. (I'm a ski lift operator at a Lake Tahoe Ski Area) There was a new lift operator working the bottom of the lift I was skiing on. She asked me if I wanted a slow (to have the chair lift slowed down making it easyer to get on but irrating everybody on the lift) I said no and got on. She saw me coming down again and comented that I skied very well. I told her thanks and kept skiing. She disapered just before it was time for me to go to work, then I ran into her in the locker room. I told her thanks again for her coment and she didn't know what I was taling about (I was now wearing my leg, before I was wearing a ski mask, helmet and goggles so she didn't recognise me) I asked if she remebered the one legged guy in her lift. When I told her it was me she said it was impossible I had two legs! "Are you sure?" I then pulled up my pants and showed her my leg.

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