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10 Tips to Achieve the Power of Positive Thinking

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Here are 10 Tips to Achieve the Power of Positive Thinking

1) Believe - You can not pretend to be a positive thinker. The power of positive thinking is that you yourself should believe it.

2) Be objective – be open to possibility. Many people tend to see their lives for their failures and thus, they lose all hope of ever attaining in their goal.

3) Surround yourself with people who have apositive attitude.

4) Be healthy - Keep your body (and mind) healthyin order to fuel your positive thinking.

5) Switch negativity around - Channel your energy into positive thoughts. Positive quotes and positive affirmations will help suppress negativity.

6) Be patient - Positive thinking is not immediate. You need to reprogram yourself in order to remove any negative attitude you possess.

7) Remember that other people can sense your negativity - One reason why people fail is because others can sense their negative attitude and most prefer no part of it.

8) Be positive -Always look for something positive in everything new.

9) Pace yourself -Take life one day at a time. Apply what you learn today, to tomorrow.

10) Apply the change – You’ll never know whatstands behind the door until you open it.

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Excellent, very true, thank you for sharing.

Just one thing......I do believe that if you find yourself in a negative space, where you can't move forward.....the first place to start is to PRETEND. Yip, the body and mind are oddities. You can fool yourself into a positive state initially.

Like physically SMILING when you are depressed. The mind is a funny old thing.....if you smile, your mood will follow suit.

Go figure.....

Ally <----smiling and doing affirmations on purpose :smile:

Thanks Johnny....


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