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alternative pain control

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Hello all. I haven't been on this forum for very long, but I have a couple questions about pain management. I had my amputation about 6 years ago and prior to that, I had 16 surgeries (please read my intro for more info). I have been on and off (mostly on) narcotics since I was 14 and I am now 28. I would really like to be off of them as they make me feel foggy and I just don't like being dependent. I busted up my femur a few weeks ago. I was down to taking 2 Lortab 10's a day, now I am taking a lot more than that.

Sorry for being longwinded. My question is, does anyone know of an alternative to pills? I was off pills last year for 4 months and it was awesome, but then the screw in my leg (modified Ertl procedure) worked loose and I had to go in for surgery. I would really like to be off the meds. If anyone knows of anything that will help, that would be awesome. I am willing to try most anything, I just hate being in pain all the time and I hate being dependent on pills.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the support.


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Like you, I don't like the way pain meds make me feel. I only take them for as short a period of time as possible in order not to get hooked. Lortab 10s are pretty strong. Pain isn't good though. It can cause a lot of problems in itself. Try stepping down. Take only half doses for a few days. Then try using an over-the-counter pain killer(Advil, Alleve, Tylenol) during the day. Maybe then you can alleviate them all together.

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