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My disabled cat!

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After I quit my management job in marketing about three years ago I decided that I wanted to concentrate on journalism. Unfortunately, to be a free lance journalist, you need to have a strong discipline to really sit down at the computer and research and write. By the time it was noon, I usually discovered that I had fulfilled the first part of my project (sitting down at the computer..) but all I had done so far was writing e-mails, chatting etc. That´s a nice change for a while, but unfortunately nobody paid me any money for this highly intellectual activity so I decided that I had to look for a part time job, covering my expenses so I could afford to play around now and then. After a long search, I finally found one at the University of Veterinary Medicine and as I love animals, this is the perfect place for me to be. However, there is a major jeopardy involved. You develop a certain Mother Theresa-syndrome directed at felines and canines and sooner or later you feel inclined to take home any poor, injured stray animal that is treated at the clinic. When I started the job, the forecast was that "within 6 months you will have accumulated a nice zoo consisting of animals nobody else wants". Well, it did not even take 6 months. I fell in love with a ginger tabby, which had been found in the street after being hit by a car. Numerous fractures, badly injured right eye, more dead than alive. For days he was lying in his cage and I was warned not to get to close, since he would probably not make it. Well, to cut a long story short. He made it, I just fell in love with the color of his fur (I had always wanted to have a ginger cat) and so I took him home to my other cat Shiva who had been under the false impression for 12 years that she was the only cat on earth. He was half naked since for being able to do surgery on his hips they had shaved him - his right eye had been removed, he was limping badly - but he had a new home. For the first 14 days his behavior left nothing to be desired (although everybody at the clinic had warned be that adopting a red cat means that you will not recognize your apartment any more in a very short while). He has developed to be the naughiest cat ever, but I love him dearly - and his name is, surprise, surprise - Gismo! When I took the cat home, my folks and friends were really shocked "How can you take such a crippled animal home? I cannot even look at him .. I really hurt when I look at his face". Remarks like this. In the meantime, of course, everything has healed and he has become a beautiful, beautiful (a bit chubby..) cat. I have become so much used to my one-eyed cat that, when I look at a "regular" ginger cat, my mind goes "Hey, this one looks strange. how come? Oh, yeah, sure. Has got two eyes. Looks weird."

A couple of months later, another injured cat came to the clinic - and also she lost her right eye. I loved the color and was toying with the idea to take her home, too, and if it was just to tease people "Oh, you know, I am creating a new breed of cats. With the right eye missing (well, there are naked cats, cats without tail etc around, so what´s so extraordinary about this). Lots of advantages. Like only 50% to get an eye infection..."

Be prepared to hear a lot more about Gismo, since he and Shiva are my babies and I love them dearly (resulting in endless stories about them, no matter if others are interested or not..).

Ok, this was my last posting for tonight. I will let you guys digest my creative streak and hope to find lots of answers when I get up tomorrow.

Good night!

Gizmo and Gismo

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