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sticking your foot out

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I like sticking my foot under the tire of a car backing up and let them feel the hump as they drive over my foot. Most forgot I am a peg and when they run my foot over they jump out of the car to see if I am OK or not. Sometimes I will fake it that it hurt and other times if I see it in there eyes like, I am going to get you for that, I just smile.

One of the guys at a job I have got me back years ago. I put my foot under the car he was test driving for a bad front end, He was a little faster witted than I thought, He was backing up the car and going forward so I thought I would mess with him. soooo I put my foot out and he felt the car rise because he got on top of my foot he could see I was there and figured I was up to something "Again" so he STOPPED right on top of my foot, got out of the car with the keys in his hands and left me there. Everone was laughing over that one and giving him an adda boy for that one. I just popped my release pin and hopped away and went back to my parts dept. The customer comes to get their car and can see there is a pegleg under the tire. They knew we were up to messing around again... I finally got my leg back in about 30 minutes.

I do not trust him any more. But I have not stopped messing with others.

Ya gota have fun with what ya got left.

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