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last story

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I was at a steel tip dart party and we all was a little drunk, a few know I was a pegleg and the leg I had back then was all foamed up to look nateral. I was at the board throwing and I felt a dart hit the back of my peg, thought nothing of it, threw another at the board, another hit my leg, so I threw my last dart and right on Q the 3rd dart hit my back of my leg again... I never looked back, I just graber the darts out of my leg and started to throw them. Everyone is looking and not knowing what is going on, when I finished that are saying you can not do that...

All I said was" Handicap advantage"

That was the night I came out of the closet letting people know I was a pegleg....

That night went down in history and was talked about for a few years at other tournaments.

I did know who was throwing the darts and trusted him. Only if he was drunk.......... not sober. The drunker he got, the better he through.

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