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How to toughen up my skin

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Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

I've got a problem with my skin on my stumps, it is very fragile, the slightest problem and it breaks down, has anyone got any good ways of toughening up my skin please?

I'm spending half the year in me wheelchair cause I cannot wear me limbs, it's so frustrating!

Thanks for any advice you can give me.


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I am not that sure that you can do anything that will 'speed things up' so it doesn't breakdown. One of my stumps is skingrafted, so know the problems. I have had my graft for 40 years, and its ok ... ish now, but back in the beginning it broke down often, even with limbs that were then not so 'demanding' on the stumps. I think really its just a build up of tolerance over time, which probably sounds really annoying to you, to hear that, I expect. I had a revision on my grafted side last year, but am still left with the graft which now joins with the reconstructed bit, so do have to watch it, I have been given an Alpha Liner to wear on that side and think that it is marvelous - without that I am sure I would be experiencing problems. So not sure if you are wearing any type of liner but it may be worth enquiring about it, if not.

Other than that, I find its just being careful, things like making sure the prosthesis is fitting and not rubbing on any particular spot, I massage the stump which is meant to help, and probably not pushing too much with the walking when it is feeling sore, know people might disagree on that, but I have learned the hard way, that for me, it might sometimes be better to wear the leg for just part of the day, and be able to put it on again - and walk, the next day. Rather than push it all day when its feeling sore, getting broken skin, and then perhaps not be able to walk on it for another week or so. Mind you if anyone had said that to me years ago, I probably would have ignored them.

Do know the frustration, daresay you know all this stuff anyway. Good luck with it.


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