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Things I have learned......

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Hi Guys,

I am LAK and am coming up to my 1 year anniversary (since a RTA) so thought I would share thngs I have learned with you all: not saying they are pertinant to anyone else but me!

In no particular order...

1. Do not rush into adaptations for your house - ultimately I did not need any.

2. Accept help if offered from strangers or at least be polite and friendly - you may not need it but they may not offer it again to someone who does if you are offhand.

3. Be firm with friends and loved ones in accerting your independance - but take time to explain.

4. Wheelchair stability if less without your leg - watch me somersault backwards!!!!!

5. Showers/ baths : If you are sittting on the ground you can't fall over! (I sometimes use a shower seat or stand on my one leg though.. )

6. Travelling:Just travelled for work to India (about 9 hours) airport security was fine (UK and India) they have seem an amputee before :smile: , help is availble if needed but I didn't need any. Since I was travelling business class leg room was not a problem.....

7. Leg: Good socket fit is essential- make sure your socket is comfortable you should be able to wear it for 12+ hours.

8. Work: I retuned to work about 6 Months after my accident- Be open and honest with your colleagues, they will be unsure what to say to you so help them out!!!!! (one senior manager saw me walking and asked if I had an ingrowing toenail :smile: ...... I paused laughed and explained (he hadn't heard about my accident) ....he was a little embarassed!

Just some thoughts.....

Steve :biggrin:

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All of your eight points are quite felicitous and pertinent to many of us Steve, though I'm a RAK but it doesn't make any difference I guess. :biggrin:

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One of the things I learned right out of surgery is that our stump has a mind of its own. An attendent was taking me from recovery to start hyperbaric treatment. I had been through this prior to my amputation, so I knew every elevator on the way. We got to one set of elevators and I told the fellow the one he was about to take me into was too short for the gurney I was on. He thought he knew better than me. The door started closing quickly on the gurney. Well, my long leg pulled back, but not without the short one following. The stump flew up in the air and just about had me doing a summersault backwards. Thank goodness my long leg hit the back of the elevator and stopped me. I learned the lesson again when I was up on crutches and shorty leg decide to fly a little too forward and I just about flipped backwards. Since shorty isn't grounded to the floor anymore, I have to watch it when doing things without my prosthesis on. You should have seen the face on that attendent. I don't know who was more shocked and horrified, him or me.

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