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An Ode On Being An Amputee

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Okay folks, haven't been here a while, but wanted to see what you might think of a poem I've written about our situation. I'm a 6 year RBK and thought it was time for something on this subject. I appreciate anything anyone has to say.

An Ode On Being An Amputee

Though this body of mine is no longer perfect

There is much to be grateful for.

The loss of my leg is my badge of strength and courage

That others before me have born.

Others have lost a breast, arm, or leg

And not because of choice;

Rather, it has been due to unfortunate necessity.

So now we give our loss a voice.

When we look into other’s eyes

We see a wide range of emotion.

Some eyes full of compassion, some of pity.

Fortunately, there are those of devotion.

Our life goes on, as it should.

All we want is acceptance

To live our lives as normal as possible.

Please accept that fact and give us our chance.

Though our body is lacking a part

We are not diminished.

From a once perfect body, we have adjusted

To the imperfect one that will take us to the finish.

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Thanks for sharing that, Carole. And good to see you! Hope all is well.

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Thank you for the replies. I'm not great at poetry, but felt there is something to be said about our situation. Most of us though labeled "disabled," don't feel we are. We just have a different way of doing things now. I'd like others, fortunate enough to have their own 2 good legs or whatever to realize this and be aware of how "we" see ourselves--as useful, productful individuals capable of tending to our needs. I hate it when others look at me with that poor you, let me do this or that for you, especially when I'm doing it alright on my own. Oh well, that's life. Just thought I'd run this by those who are in the same boat.

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I know I'm rather slow here, but just wanted to compliment you on such a wonderful written poem!!


Keep Smiling :-)


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