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Cheryl-where's the fires?

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Tammie, as is usual in brush fire season, I have ash and smoke that drift through, but there's nothing happening even remotely near my area. The worst of the fires (and it's a huge and barely contained one) is clear on the other side of L.A. County from me...the people there have been in bad shape, but the firefighters are amazing!

Yesterday, the sky was ashen gray and you could look directly at the sun, as the smoke and clouds obscured it to the point that it was only a dull orange disk. But those clouds gave us an increase in humidity, which let the fire crews make some good progress. Some of the evacuation orders have been lifted now, and folks are starting to go back to their homes.

It's times like this that I'm glad I live in a concrete-covered suburb!

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Hi Cherylm, I hear on TV, they are now starting to get the fires more contained. Those pics have been unbelievable and it's a miracle that more ppl haven't lost their lives. You ppl have got the most courageous, dedicated firefighters in the country. They certainly deserve all the credit that can be giving to a group of ppl. :-) My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the two firefighters that lost their lives while fighting this battle. :-(

Take Care,


Keep Smiling :smile:



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I have an aunt that lives in Hemet as well, and am always concerned about her well being as well, Cheryl..

If the news that we receive here was more accurate, then I guess I wouldn't have to wonder how things are doing with you and others that we knows who reside in CA.. Last time, it was friends that live in the burbs of San Diego..

Personally, I think that I would rather stay right here.... I'd probably have some trouble breathing with all of the smog. :unsure:

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