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Help....too many feet!

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you can help me. I'm trying to settle on a foot for my new prosthesis. I definitely want an adjustable ankle to accommodate different heel heights. I started with the Ossur "Elation" (which I like and used in the past) but then my prosthetist mentioned trying the Freedom Innovations "Runway" that uses the hex key. Hated the hex key. Too much work. Then we switched to the Runway with the button but that didn't work out either. Now I'm trying the College Park "Accent" which is nice but the button sits at shoe level instead of ankle-level so it's hard to adjust and I have to stick my finger down into my shoe to push it (I like to keep my shoes on when I adjust for height).

Sooooo, now I'm at a standstill. I'm considering going back to the Elation since I've had it in the past and it's worked for me. My pros doesn't think it has enough multi-axial rotation for uneven surfaces but I say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I would be SO grateful for your input!!

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