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Just popping in to share something I've seen....

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Hi all,

It's a long time since I had ambitions (sadly unrealised, I'm afraid) of becoming a prosthesist, so I haven't been round here all that much.

But today, I came across something I felt I had to share, since there's probably a fair few of ye who'd benefit from seeing these.

Youtube: MyAmputationDiary's channel

She's documenting her path from elective amputation to prosthesis, and hopes to help other people who will go through what she is going through.

Best wishes all,


PS- If you must know, I came across this via >this video<. Hope my boredom now creates some good karma :)

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I have been following her for a while! She got hers a month before me so, she has been a big help for me.

She is very good at responding to questions as well for those who are about to have an amputation.

Great person!

She has been a great help and friend!

God bless!

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