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Looking for tips from AKA athletes

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Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've been to this forum. I'm an AKA and I'm looking to walk the Susan Komen 3-day breast cancer walk in September. I am by no means an athlete, but I figure between then and now I have plenty of time to whip myself into shape. It's 60 miles total. What I'm hoping to get from any other AKAs are tips, tricks, ideas in general on how to train/excercise to strengthen my legs and hips as I find many exercises for your legs I have a hard time with or am unable to do altogether. Of course, I'll take any other ideas from my fellow amputees if you're an AKA or not. :smile:

Thank you!


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Hi Jenn!

Sounds like you are setting quite a goal. :biggrin:

I walk all day taking care of dogs and the biggest thing for me was the treadmill. Repetitive motion helped me get my gait to where I used the least amount of energy and am very fluid in my stride.

There are two factors that I think of that will make this successful for you:

1.) Proper socket fit, with walking that much you don't want anything that's close enough to proper, it'll need to be right on so not to cause any skin breakdowns.

2.) What type of knee are you using? I would think that my c-leg would overheat with that much walking and not having a cool down period. I'm sure a mechanical knee would go like a champ and not even think twice.

Good luck and keep us all posted!

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Hi Jenn,

Toby is spot on, make sure you can wear your socket for very long periods of time. Are you going to do the 60 miles all at once? Please make sure you are stretching before and after your works even if you do long walk's. Good luck.

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sounds like a challenge...

So its over 3 days at 20 miles per day, so you need to be up to walking for 10 hours per day without any soreness assuming you are at around 2mph pace(you will be sore for sure on the final day if you feel any pain in the first 2 days so your training needs to start asap)

As previously stated the socket and liner are ultra important. If I was going to do this I would perhaps start with a distance of 1 mile walk 5 times in the first week, and increase to 2 miles for the following week and so on. If you increase the distance gradually and consistently it will allow the skin of your residual limb time to adapt. It would be a good idea to also do a little exercise on the prosthetic side to give you more strength and a slight increase in muscle mass gives an improved weight bearing area within the socket. Try Hip abduction (lift leg out to the side), adduction (squeeze a ball between knees), and bridging while lying on your back to strengthen the glutes, all 4x10 repetitions with 4-5 second hold, and 2 mins rest between sets

Good luck!

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