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ertl procedure - uk nhs

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Hi, if you start with this thread you will get a bit of info to start you off.

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Hi Hannah;

Yes - the Ertl IS available on the NHS.

I had my ERTL done on the NHS by Mr. Nigel Rossiter in Basingstoke; I had to request an Extra Contractual Referral from my local Primary Care Trust, which they granted.

I needed a scar revision 11 months later, which was brilliantly done by Mr. Henk Giele in Oxford, which my local PCT also funded.

Our situations sound similar - I was offered a pan-talar fusion in my wrecked ankle, but I turned it down in preference to an amputation. I just knew I'd be more able with the amputation, and a certain well-respected medical professional pointed out to me that while you do see amputee athletes, you never see arthrodesed athletes...

I'm more able now than I've been since my teens, and have never regretted having the amp, not even for a millisecond! I think I have derived significant benefit from having had the Ertl, as I have a fantastically strong stump, but it was indicated for other reasons in me too - I had very little muscle over where the distal end of my fibula would have ended up, so there wouldn't have been much cushioning over it, and I reasoned that I'd better have it just fixed in place by the Ertl.

I wrote quite a lot about it all on this forum - just search for "Ertl" - but please do feel free to PM me if I can help further.

Hang in there!

All the best


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