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Thanks for that I have often wondered what a nice day in Scotland looks like. :laugh:

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Taken from the walk

Budle bay.

This is yet another walk that I have done so many times I could almost do it blindfolded and yet it still keeps drawing back why I just don’t know, its as if I don’t do it at least three times a year I will miss something, but then it is rather special as you will find out for yourselves when you do it.





More from the walk

I am going to include this route as an walk for the less able for several reasons,-

There are toilets at Bamburgh as well as tea rooms.

It is possible to get a car down to Kiln Point at the half way point. And if worse does happen there is always a golf buggy that could be used to ferry anyone to the golf club car park. (But I haven’t asked about this, it will be a case of lets mug some one and nick the buggy).

The path is as you would expect short grass on the golf course, and mostly sand for the rest of it.

However because I am feeling truthful I should point out that there is usually a section of soft sand round the mouth of Budle Bay that really is hard work to get through, it only about 400 meters long but believe me you will know it when you are in it. (You only sink about 2 to 3 inches) but as amputees it feels like 2 or 3 foot .

full link :-


enjoy & thanks.............. Mick

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Budle bay to Guile Point hunting for ship wrecks and long lost treasure (a bit like a pirate)

Taken from the walk :-

After our recent trip to Budle Bay where we saw what looked like an old wreck we decided its time to go and have a look see. After a quick goggle about it, we discovered that there is more than one wreck that it is possible to see depending on what the tides have been doing, i.e. if it’s been stormy they can be buried or exposed just depending on what’s been going on.

So we where going to be pirates for the day looking for long lost treasure, as I already had a peg leg I wanted to be captain and my better half was the deck scrubber (something she muttered about all the way round) I did threaten her with walking the plank but she didn’t take me seriously.

We didn’t have the right gear so we had to make do with straw hats, and I couldn’t find a parrot that would sit on my shoulder, so if the truth was know we really didn’t look like pirates at all.



Gold & silver ?


the beach


Full walk please go to link:-


Thanks & enjoy...............Mick

Not a starter route but very easy .

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It’s long and boring

I have often been told how lucky I am not to have to suffer any pain or discomfort when I am out walking , and if I did how I wouldn’t be so positive about the great outdoors so I have decided to share with you all , one of my bad days when out walking .

To Milkhope on a bad day

Some days as soon as you try to put your leg on you know straight away it going to be one of those days , try as you might it just doesn’t feel right , lets take it off and try again , no still not right, big sigh !! Time to crack on, and get ready for whatever today’s going to throw at me...

Breakfast ….One look and my better half knows its going to be one of those days , she feeds me tea & toast and suggest that I go out walking somewhere for the day .

I always return in a good mood, knackered but contented plus if there’s no one about I wont be able give anyone a hard time.

Fortunately I only get these bad leg days once in a blue moon. BUT if I don’t do something positive today I will get really down about it.

So where to go, I have found out threw bitter experience that I won’t be bagging any hill tops or going out into the wilds hills of Northumberland today , my leg simply wont let me , strange how that works isn’t it?

Just to make things even better there are strong winds forecast for later on today,

Yvonne is very carefully pestering me not to go anywhere too remote or to difficult & reminding me to log it on memory map on the computer before I go.

She is quietly worried that I might attempt something daft knowing that my pride won’t let me stop once I have started, I am getting fed up. The leg is giving me grief,

Suddenly Milkhope springs to mind, its in Kidland forest , so the strong winds wont bother me to much , Yvonne is happy because she knows most of the way will be on forest tracks , and should be easy for me to hike on & if the worse comes to the worse it is possible to get a car in the general area .

And some how my mood suddenly lightens, perhaps today won’t be so bad after all, I have wanted to go and have a look around this area for some time.

I hobble round getting my gear sorted , and set off, its about 40 minutes drive , perhaps the leg will sort its self out whilst I’m sitting down driving.(fingers crossed).

I eventually get there and park up, my mood is swinging around from excitement because I am out in the area that I love back to concern. I quickly put on my boots and set off.

The first step tell me that the leg hasn’t sorted it self out, still its not to bad I start sending mental thoughts to my brain telling myself its not real pain but the brain is telling me it is, After 100 meters I have to stop, I decide to sit down on the grass and take the leg off and don it again , still feels wrong , but off I set off again , I know that I am walking very badly and my back is going to give me some serious grief later on if I don’t get sorted out.

I try to distract myself by sending my mind off to a far away place, it helps a tiny bit, and I know from previous bad leg days that I am not physically hurting any flesh (if that makes sense) but its no good , my back is starting to complain now , time to sit down and have a coffee.

My better half has packed a couple of tasty treats in my ruck sack for me , its her way of helping me , I forget about how she must feel about me and what I must put her through , some times I think that our loved one suffer as much as we do but on a different level.

Anyway time to get on with the walk, I get up, take a step, still not right but not as bad as it was, or is it in my mind?

I decide to try to start walk properly. No still not right but better, now I start doing silly things, like twisting my stump in the socket, breaking the seal and pulling out just a tiny bit. Then settling in again, no still not right but better, or is it? Or am I starting to get use to the pain / discomfort?

Once again I have to stop and sit down , this time I not only take the leg off but also remove the seal .( the sheep are starting to look at me now & the older ones are moving away).

The cold air feels good on my stump as I check it for any damage, no nothing; I put the seal back on ever so carefully and don the leg. Better but still not right.

It has taken me the best part of two hours to walk a mile; at this rate it will be dark even before I get to the forest.

I set off again, there is still some pain but nowhere as much, my mood lightens with this knowledge, as I walk along I try clenching the stump muscles, both forwards and back wards, not sure if it helps or not, I arrive at a small ditch, I stop and start to over analyse it do I step over with my right leg? Or trust the left leg? All the time I am hesitating making thinks worse, I give myself a mental slap round the head and step over, normally I wouldn’t even think about something like this .but today every thing is going to be a challenge.

Slowly my pace starts to increases, my back starts telling me that’s better, I am still hesitating when weight bearing but it much much better than what it was two hours ago.

I am sweating like there is no tomorrow then suddenly for no reason what so ever there is no pain , I start to walk more like normal still mentally unsure, yes its gone whatever caused it has stopped , suddenly my mood goes through the roof , I am so happy , I stride out with confidence , the hills are suddenly more colourful , the lambs are more playful even the river seems more richer , life is good , I feel like a million pounds , yes I have lost a leg but right now right here it doesn’t matter I am out of pain and hiking .

I have given up trying to work out why this happens to me , there is nothing that has changed from the previous days , at one time I put it down to a phantom type of pain but bitter experience tells me it real. So much learning to do.




full walk :-


enjoy ...........Mick

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That's actually a WONDERFUL story, Mick...it's good to be reminded that we all can have our "bad leg days" but can also work through them when we have to/want to.

Thanks for sharing that!

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Thanks Cheryl, i didnt think it was that wonderfull at the time :biggrin:

moving on :-

the Cheviot

taken from the walk

Sometimes I think that I must be brain dead, and then I do something to confirm it, this time I was laying in bed wondering about where my next walk was going to be, when something that another amputee said to me on our last walk, about being challenged & how good it felt to challenge one self, they where on about themselves after there last walk with me, but somehow it struck a nerve, when was the last time I challenged myself? When was the last time I pushed myself out of my safe little area?

I was going to wake up my better half Yvonne and ask her but from the amount of snoring coming from her I though better of it. (Just kidding).

So there and then I thought of the hardest route that I could think of. And drifted off to sleep dreaming of the next days walk & sheep...

The Target for this walk was going to be to reach the trig point on top of Northumberland highest mountain .the Cheviot, and if all goes well come back down as well , because it would be pointless struggling all the way up there if I wasnt coming down would it ?. And I had to get back home in time for tea. So I couldnt hang about. (No pressure there then)

Anyway the walk:




full walk report


enjoy ...................Mick

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A circuit around Barrowburn

taken from the walk

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and just know that today is going to be a good day, I had been at work for what seemed to be a life time and missed the weekend so today Tuesday I was going to make up for it.

I wasn’t planning to go to far something around 5 miles or so, my skin on my stump had started to show signs of breaking down so I didn’t want make matters worse , but one look at the blue sky told me get out ,

I decided to do a little circuit around barrowburn, I must admit I do love walking around this area it holds some very good memories for me, there is a bit of all types of terrain, so I could if I wanted to turn this walk into a bit of a training exercise.

I mean it can never hurt to get in a bit of practise up or down hill can it?

Any way the walk:

I parked up at the old school house at Wedders Leap and headed up the road towards Barrowburn, there is a foot bridge opposite which will lead you up to the farm at Barrowburn, but I like to walk a couple of hundred meters along the road just to get settled into the leg before I go off road if I can .from there I cut through the farm following the footpath along the side of Lounges Knowe, along the Hepden Burn then cutting up the side of Kyloe Shin, the views as you climb really are good nothing dramatic , but special in there own way , from there I entered the very edge of the huge Kidland forest , still staying on the path went up Middle Hill and back down coming to the end of the forest , from here it was a slow climb up the Middle .which gives a lovely view of the Uswayford valley .

The footpath at this point splits up and head off in all directions, I have used this route on countless times and never get tired of it.

However my self imposed limit had me heading back now back down towards the Hepden Burn then for a short section I joined the track past the Trows plantation past Murder Cleugh , from there I joined what must be some of the best walking conditions ever , it’s a lovely grass track , its marked as the border county ride , but I have never seen a bike on here, the grass is always green and short , I wish my front lawn was as good as this , the views on the way back are even better, and the grass has that cushioning effect which makes it easy to walk on even for tired feet (or in my case foot) and then before you know it you are on Barrow law looking back down towards Barrowburn and unfortunately the end of the walk .

on my way up


a private joke thing (i did tell you all that i am brain dead)


the hay medows at there best (from another trip)


full walk http://northumbria-walkingforum.co.uk/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=257

thanks & enjoy Mick

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Newton Tors

The last time I was up this way I had to cut my walk short due to extremely strong winds and as a result its been bugging me to get up there and finish this section of hills .

Another important lesson that I learnt from the last time I was up this way was walking uphill then turning round and walking down hill puts a tremendous strain on my good leg muscles, so this time I decided to somehow plan this walk with a bit of level walking just to stretch out my leg muscles even if it meant an extra mile or so because the last thing that I wanted is to be practically crippled like I was after the last walk up here.

Other problems that I had been having was the skin on my stump has developed a dry line which was promising to tear open at any time (o the joys of being an amputee) to counter this I had slapped on a nice thick gooey coating of some sort of cream.

The only problem with this is, if the cream starts to melt, it means the icross seal will move and the leg drop off. (Yes it’s going to be a fun day) so in my ruck sack I packed a couple of wet wipes , so if the worse happened I could wipe all the cream off the stump. And start again.

All this before I even start the walk.

Anyway the walk parked the car up at Old Yeavering & headed up the farm track towards Torleehouse just before a small plantation I picked up an old sheep trail and headed straight up the side of Easter Tor, as you leave the pasture and enter the heather section there is a good quad bike track that will lead you more or less to the top, if for any reason you are not sure, do what I do and keep heading upwards till you can go no higher then you must be at the summit .(simple really!)

From here I joined a well marked footpath and headed off to Wester Tor, walking along this path seems a bit strange at first because it takes you in a huge half circle coming round the back then the far side of Wester Tor, it adds a bit of distance on, but its more or less level walking until the end section which suited me fine, the other alternative is to cross through the heather, something I have found out is something that requires a lot of hard work.

There are several sheep trails that head in the right direction, but as I have found out to my cost they seldom go where I want to. (And the sheep just look secretly laughing that me).

Anyway from the top of the Tor I did manage to spot a sheep trail heading back to the main footpath where I wanted to go. (Pleases ignore what I have written above about sheep trails).

From there I simply headed back towards Yeavering Bell, eventually joining the Saint Cuthbert’s way, from there it was a case of heading down back to the car.

a few pics




full trip link:


enjoy ..............Mick

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Last post for a while, work is getting a new filter that stops the posting of photos ECT, so its time to call it a day. :angry:

The last walk must be one of the longest that I have done to date,

I suppose it’s a measure of how far I have come in the last few years, I know that most amputees don’t really care about hiking in the hills, but if some new amputee has a look through these post and gain a bit of inspiration from the walks and wants to push the limits a bit, its been worth it.

If anyone is interested I still have loads more walks to put on the web site and possibly the best news is the park ranger service is finally starting to do less than able walks onto there site . So at least there will be something or someplace to go where there will be a safe friendly walk.

Anyway taken from the walk :-

Today I had to swallow my pride and fork out £10.00 for a parking permit even though I said hell would freeze over first .( so if you are living down there expect cold weather soon).

Thus armed with my all new parking permit I drove all the way up the College Valley (making sure I get my moneys worth!).

The plan was to park up just before the YHA at Mounthooly then walk along the Collage burn up the Red Cribs, have a break in he mountain refuse hut (if the weather was bad) then simply head along the Pennine way over Birnie Brae up to the top of the Schil, then turn off just before Black Hag and head back down to Mounthooly.

Well that was the plan, but anyone who knows me will tell you, what I set out to do and what I do are two different things.

A few photos :-




Full trip report


Enjoy ……………..Mick

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