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Smoke and mirrors?

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I've read and heard about the various mirror therapies, but have never tried one myself. The idea does make sense to me, though. I don't have much in the way of problems with phantom pain, but I do sometimes get "buzzing" and "itching" sensations. I know that if I can smack the end of my stump (fairly hard, actually), being "reminded" of where my leg really ends can alleviate the "buzzing" sensation...and, on the other hand, if I can imagine in great detail the act of "scratching" a phantom "itch," I can relieve that sensation as well.

I'd tend to think that being able to "see" myself scratching that phantom itch in a mirror-image reflection would make it seem that much more effective.

Has anyone tried out using mirrors?

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Nope, no mirror's yet..... However..... one night I was having really bad itching sensations and after trying everything I could think of, I used Jon's left leg to scratch, and the itching went away.. He thought I had gone daffy, but decided to keep me after all...

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