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Our Fiona is at it again (running this time)

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Hello there.

She's not one for self-publicity, so in case friends haven't heard the latest, (our) Fiona is coming to London next week to RUN 10K in aid of the amazing Cambodia Trust.

Here is the email she sent:


Hi all,

I have recently (well on and off for the past year or so) been learning how to run, and to put my newfound abilities (or lack of) to the test I've signed up for the London 10K which is on 11th July.

I am doing the run for the Cambodia Trust, which as most of you will know is a charity that I've raised money for a few times in the past. The Cambodia Trust trains prosthetists and orthotists from all around Asia to make prosthetic legs and other walking aids for disabled people in Asia, people who aren't as lucky as I have been since I lost my leg. The Cambodia Trust also helps to give people with disability in Asia new skills so that they can earn their own livings, something that is key to truly enabling them to live normal lives, just like I can.

It would mean an awful lot to me and also to the Cambodia Trust if you would sponsor me for this run. I have created a justgiving page which is set out on the link below. It is fast and totally safe to donate through justgiving and if you are a UK taxpayer justgiving will also donate the tax that you have already paid on your donation to the Cambodia Trust. If you would prefer not to donate through justgiving however you can send a cheque or cash either to me or to The Cambodia Trust, C4 Station Yard, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3UH, England.


Thanks so much,



I first met her shortly after the tsunami had amputated her leg - she breezed into the gym at Stanmore hospital on one leg (plus crutches) having just travelled ten miles across London by underground (subway), not an easy journey for anyone. She was an inspiration then, and over the years has never ceased to surprise me with each new achievement.

Hats off to you, Fiona.


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Email from Fiona, which I thought you'd like to read.


Dear all,

Thank you so so much for sponsoring me for the 10K run on Sunday.

I made it all the way around, actually ran all the way (albeit slowly), in 1 hour 26. I told myself as I was finishing never again but am already starting to wonder whether I could do it faster next time!

Through your help and support I also managed to raise about GBP1,700 for the Cambodia Trust. This is great, and I really appreciate it as does the Cambodia Trust.

Anyway, thanks again, and all the best,




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