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Hi Everyone.....

A couple of years ago, there were instructions on here as to how to remove the spring in a set of travel crutches.. I have looked this morning in many many topics...... does anyone know where to locate the instructions to do it? Or perhaps the author of said instructions can let me know...

I am sorry to say that I have very little time in the next 3 weeks and I just can't seem to devote the time to this as I need to. I would like to get back to the person who asked me so I thought that maybe for simplicity's sake, someone else on this forum might know just where it was located..

The instructions were for removing the spring from a set of travel crutches that are spring loaded on the bottom. It talked of taking the spring out, inserting a dowel rod, and then installing a roller pin into the hole that is drilled out to remove the cross bar so that the spring can be removed.

Can anyone help? :blush:

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YES!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was exactly the thread that I had been looking for..... Thank you so much.....

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